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Urban Compass is now supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission! Thanks to their new Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG), Urban Compass will be supporting our Watts youth through a fun, immersive 2016-2017 Art Series program, which will include exposing our 50 students to music, dance, and drama activities and field trips/special events throughout the year.

Urban Compass recognizes that the arts are a fundamental part of education and unfortunately are being taken out of many public school programs; including the schools in Watts where our students reside. There is overwhelming evidence that students who are involved in the arts show an increase in their proficiency in core academic areas. This holds true to all forms of art including music, drama, dance, and more traditional art classes. Through this series, in addition to the increased exposure to high-quality sessions, our objective is to see steady academic improvement and specifically improve art grades by one level, and provide at least 10 new arts-based workshops and field trips during the summer and academic year that will expand the arts appreciation and enjoyment of our students. Stay tuned to see where this great series will take us!

About the Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG) Program: CIAG provides financial support for exemplary arts projects produced by nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is outside of the arts. CIAG recognizes the value of the arts as a vital tool for civic problem solving across a range of issue areas. The program seeks to support the complex arts ecology of Los Angeles County by increasing access and strengthening the quality of arts programming wherever it happens – in health, human services, criminal justice, or environment, to name a few. This grant is designed to promote cross-sector strategies and support organizations that provide high quality arts programs as part of their larger mission to provide services to individuals and communities.